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Thanks for checking out our Web site! We deal in many areas in this industry. If you are looking for an antique phone or if your antique phone needs repairs, we can do that. Need an extra long phone cord? We can customize it for you. Lose a handset, well we just might have an extra lying around. Also, if you have any old phones lying around, we could take them off your hands. If you have something we are looking for, let us know. We’ll wheel and deal. Need help or pricing – give us a ring and well help out the best we can.

Bottom line, we try very hard to please you. If we can’t help, we’ll refer you to someone who can.

We did a wheel and deal on our non-geographic numbers also, making sure we got a great price for the 0800 numbers, which we then pass over to our customers. So not only are your getting great phones, but you are getting even better phone numbers.

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